Life After Therapy

What Now?

We are thrilled that you chose RehabWorks for your therapy journey, however all good therapy must come to an end. As wonderful as we believe therapy to be, we know that therapy is a temporary part of your life. It is our sincere hope that you will not only continue with the individualized home exercise program we have designed for you, but that you will continue on your wellness and fitness journey for years to come.

Many opportunities and options are available for each of you depending on your wellness and fitness goals and the amount of assistance or coaching you desire.

For $25.00 per month, our RehabWorks staff will provide you with an individualized program to be performed in our clinic. You will have access to our equipment during certain hours of the weekday. Our Rehab Aides are available to help you get on and off equipment or take blood pressure if necessary. Ask your therapist for more information.

Our Sports Performance Specialists, Angie Lincoln-Velez and Mark Fuller, provide individualized coaching and training to help take you to that next level. Whether you wish to improve in competitive sports or have personal fitness goals, they will help you achieve success. They focus on improving speed, strength, power or agility, depending on your specific needs. Most sessions are $15-$20 each and packages are available. Call Angie or Mark at 334-844-7616 or or Learn more and read amazing testimonials from clients of all ages and fitness levels:

Health Plus Fitness Center offers a discount for people who have been through therapy at RehabWorks. We will get a prescription from your physician to continue your exercises at Health Plus. Health Plus will provide an orientation and get you set up on all of their fitness equipment and assist with developing a fitness plan for you to meet your goals. For more information: 334-887-5666.

HealthPlus offers personal trainers who will provide motivation, accountability, safety and a structured individualized exercise program to meet your individual health and fitness goals. To enroll or ask questions contact any member of the HealthPlus fitness staff at 334-887-5666.

Often we have clients who have developed such a good working relationship with our therapists, they want to continue working with their current therapist even though they have met their current therapy goals, or once insurance benefits have been exhausted and traditional therapy has been deemed not medically necessary. If that’s the case for you, we have a solution!

RehabWorks Personal Assisted Wellness Sessions with Assistant

$35 per each half hour session or $60 per hour session. Packages available. Ask your therapist for details.

RehabWorks Personal Assisted Wellness Sessions with Therapist

$55 per each half hour session or $100 per hour session. Packages available. Ask your therapist for details.

Many other community resources are available including the Carlisle Foundation, Parks and Rec facilities, classes, and fitness centers in your community. Your therapist can provide you with resources that may be of interest to you.

No matter which you choose, continuing with the momentum you’ve already gained is important to us! Please discuss your options and ask your therapist to help you plan your fitness routine. RehabWorks 4 Life!

You may always return as a patient for regular skilled therapy visits if you have a new illness or injury or significant change in status for better or worse, and a new prescription from your physician. Some insurance plans may not cover continued therapy in the same benefit year if all of your benefits have already been used for the year. See our Rehab Patient Resource Coordinators to learn more about what coverage benefits your insurance offers.